Monday, March 10, 2008

Blogging, it wasn't that bad

Well this quarter has been different to say the least. I was completely against the use of blogs, because until now they seemed to be a waste of time. I’m not going to lie though because keeping up on this thing (my blog) was been a pain in the butt. I can now appreciate the use of blogs in my free time now, because I enjoy the atmosphere of blogs in herpetology of the study of repltiles. I would say I like blogs about the Marines or the military but I would be lying, because if there is any negatives posts about the Corps. I become irate.
So I just decide to not even look at hot topics like politics, and just look at things that I enjoy. This way just works better for me. I have even made new contacts with others that get deals on animals and enclosures, which is nice because that stuff gets pricey. But back on the subject I did find it hard to find things to talk about in my blog about me joining the Marines so I used the next best thing I talked about the things that are happening in my life that can create stress. These things like girls, animals, and grades have helped shape almost half of my blogs. I guess one thing that I think would have been neat is to see what the outside world had to say about my blogs. Like I said I enjoy the blogosphere, and people’s constructive criticism.

Final Thought

As I come closer to joining the Marines, some anxiety is expected, and I just want to see if I can get a sneak peek of what’s to come in boot camp. So I Google blog search “Marine boot camp” and find video clips from potpiegirl‘s blog at that are exactly what I was looking for. Blogging makes little things like wanting to know what boot camp is like possible. These days you can find anything you want on the internet whether you have a Barbie collection and need a special dress that only was available for a month, or want questions about something in the military answered. Whatever you could possibly want is on the internet with the use of web logging (blogging), and now with more people than ever in the blogging world you can even listen to people’s personal problems if you’re interested. The possibilities are endless in this whole other world (wide web). Having all of this information from other people like ourselves makes for lots of biased opinions, but makes for more down-to-earth realizations like people that were at one point just as clueless about Barbie but now know everything there is to know, and can help teach you the Barbie world.

My thoughts on blogging at first were that blogging was pointless and had no significance. But now I see that it’s a great tool if you need to look something up or just want someone else’s ideas or thoughts on the subject. This is one of the things that I love about blogging is the people helping each other. You don’t get the sense of helping from the general public, but in blogs people for the most part must want to help everyone else understand what it is you’re looking for. For instance girlzippy at has a question about raising her savannah monitor, and because I have success with raising my monitor I can give her some insight as to what her monitor’s problem is. When my reptiles have a problem I can find plenty of people that are more than willing to talk my ear off about any reptile of I may have accumulated because of the blogging process. People that blog are looking to learn from or help others by commenting back and forth. This commenting helps build authority which helps determine how much you blog and your status in the blogosphere.

These examples are ok but what happens when the blog is slanted and totally neglects the other side of the argument. “The weblog's greatest strength — it’s uncensored, unmediated, uncontrolled voice — is also its greatest weakness” said in Rebecca Bloods book The Weblog Handbook. This leads to the comments being biased. This happens more often in posts about politics or current events which seem to mesh together most of the time anyways. In the blog Flopping Aces seven authors write about current events, and much like I would they side with the military. They covered the Berkeley incident about the Marines being unwanted and uninvited while recruiting in the schools. These seven have nothing but bad to say about the city council in Berkeley because of the actions they took against the Marines. This is how blogging can be repetitive and bias because at another blog everyone might be supportive of this kind of behavior. Although, in search of a blog in favor of Berkeley’s decision has been fruitless, and it’s not because I didn’t look hard enough believe me I would love to hear the argument. Most of the posts in favor of code pink have been bombarded by comments from the individuals that are pro-militaristic and are accused for treason in other words they have been turned into an “echo chamber”. This topic is an excellent way to show how blogging can potentially be one sided.

But besides how politics and current events in blogs are handled the main focus is to help others, not cut each other down. Now that I have worked with blogs and understand they can be useful in certain situations. If I feel that they are an excellent way to broadcast your voice, and listen to others that do the same. So now maybe I can start that Barbie collection I always wanted.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The things left behind

So with all of this talk about joining the Marines I have just realized I have to give up another thing that and will almost be as hard to give up as the girls, it‘s raising animals. It sounds lame but I wanted to start breeding reptiles for fun. There is some money in it, but I would mainly do it for the love of the animals. There is something about these little critters that bring enjoyment in just having around them around. My normal day totally revolves around feeding and the general care taking for them (2 roach colonies 5 mice colonies 1 rat colony 1 savannah monitor 1 bearded dragon and an iguana and a few more to come). It sounds like a lot but it really isn’t that bad if you enjoy doing it. I have actually applied for a part time job in the animal dept. in the local pet store on top of the part time job I already have in the cafeteria, because I like taking care of animals that much. But none the less I am totally committed to joining the Marine Corps. I feel that even though I with miss having pets (they are not allowed in the barracks) the Marines is the best choice for my future. Maybe after I will continue will this idea if I’m still interested in the hobby.

sorry the post is late my Internet is lame and is completely undependable

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So coming to the realization that I might not pass my SOC 410 I am mentally preparing for moving back home. It’s been over a year since being under my parent’s roof, and they will have some control over me again. I’m not exactly ready for it because I have realized that living away from them made our relationship stronger, but even when I go to visit for a weekend enough is enough. So then I head back to little Newark, my peaceful place. As much as I complain about being stuck in this shanty town it has grown on me. When I move back I have to find homes for all of my pets that I have, get a” real job” not the cafeteria, and get my license back. Because if I have to deal with my family for too long I’ll be so crazy the Marines won’t even want me.

Good news is that if I move back home nothing will be in my way of being a Marine, because if I don’t have the stress of school on shoulders I will be do anything necessary. Also the “real job” I will obtain will be a union commercial insulating job that starts at $11 an hour. My parents have been pushing this job on me since I said that I’m going to join. But even now I’m trying my hardest to pull this off and keep my pets and my sanity.

Monday, February 25, 2008

the guest blogs

I found in Chase Hardwick’s post the guest writer was more of a joking funny guy compared to Doc Hardwick’s more informal type of posts. He did well by staying with the theme of Doc Hardwick and found a study that showed that in “moderation” (this is a different meaning to everyone) alcohol is beneficial to ones health. But the picture was the main tip off that gave away the fact that it wasn’t Doc speaking in the post. Because if Doc would have done the post the picture would have been something like a rotten liver or a cat scan of an alcoholic’s brain something that wasn’t a joke about drinking. Other than the joking and the picture that the guest decided to pick he (I figured out who it was because of these things) did very well by sticking to Doc’s format of doing things.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Before November

So while I was talking to the councilor on campus for my alcohol abuse problem, that is court ordered if you’re wondering. I was told two things one being that I have to raise my GPA to a 2.2 instead of the 2.0 that I previously thought. That took the wind out of my sails just a little bit. So now I have to get a high B in English and a high D in Sociology. Sociology is the problem because at this point I need; a 90% on a research paper and a 100% on the rest of my available points. The second thing I was told was that I should join as soon as possible because in November if a Democratic wins the election it will become harder to enlist because the war will end, and the men will not be needed. This information was told to my councilor by a Colonel in the Army. So I now have a deadline which works for me because I’m a procrastinator and will wait forever to do something. That something being actually following though with talking to my lawyer ($180 an hour), setting up how I’m going to get off probation, and paying a $7200 balance on my court fees.

If anyone else thinks they have it bad I honestly would love to hear from someone that is just a touch more miserable than I am. It might make me feel better. lol

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have no idea what to write about. I'm so stressed out about my class (SOC 410). It’s killing me. If I fail my financial aid will drop me, and I can't drop it because I have only taken 10 credit hours this quarter and if I stoop below 6 I lose the aid. So... I'm stressed and have forgotten about everything else, but why Sutherlands theory of Differential Association and why white-collar crimes are committed. So I am apologizing ahead of time for neglected posts.